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 GT-BIO lures.

 Spoons and pilks. 

 Rigs for seafishning 

 Accerories, snaps etc. 







 Alabama rig


 Other fishing accesories 
  noktaNets etc.
  noktaPliers etc.
  noktaWear Etc.
  noktaBoat acceroies.
  noktaRods and acceries

 Rig parts etc. 


 Floats and accesories 

 Worthco Products.

 EagleClaw Products.



 USA Brands


 Ground bait

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 stuffed fish toys

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 Market items (Non fishing)

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Nets etc.
Nets etc.
Pliers etc.
Pliers etc.
Wear Etc.
Wear Etc.
Boat acceroies.
Boat acceroies.
Rods and acceries
Rods and acceries
1 x Spinner , 4 gram, Red -- P26
1 x Extremly sour candy (Cherries) -- 8 pc.
1 x 72 necklaces for kids.
1 x 36 stk. børneringe med bogstaver og farvede sten (727)
2 x Stuffed toy, Zander, 77 cm.
1 x Fossil Bracelet.
1 x Bite Alert / Indicator, extra sensitive (3 mm)
1 x Lures for Icefishing (IC-21) x 3
1 x Stuffed toy, Pike, 110 cm.
1 x Stuffed toy, Pike, 80 cm.
1 x Lures for Icefishing (IC-23)
1 x Stuffed toy, Carp, 60 cm.
1 x Lures for Icefishing (IC-02),
1 x Stuffed toy, Koi, 60 cm.
1 x Lures for Icefishing (IC-18) x 3
1 x Stuffed toy, Salmon, 90 cm.
1 x Stuffed toy, Perch, 51 cm.
1 x Lures for Icefishing (IC-04 Cb)
1 x Lures for Icefishing (IC-04 Sl.)
1 x Lures for Icefishing (IC-22) x 3
1 x Storm softbait eels.
1 x Luhr-Jensen. 2 pc. small jigheads with 3 soft bodies.
1 x Spinner, 32 gram, Bluefox, with double hooks.. (Silv+O)
1 x GT-Bio Fish Ruler.
1 x Spinner, 32 gram, Bluefox, double hooks.. (Red)
1.682,15 DKK
Pakken vejer:
8.69 Kg
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01.Disgorger (Large) x 2
02.Split-ring plier in stainless steel
03.Gaff Hook.
04.Fillet Knife (Blue)
05.Digital scale i pocket size.
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