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Rig parts etc.
Items in thise category is split in more specific categories. See main category again.
Tubes etc.
Tubes etc.
Bobine Set.
Bobine Set.
Spinner blades
Spinner blades
Spreaders / booms
Spreaders / booms
Flasher Silk
Flasher Silk
Prism tape.
Prism tape.
Crimps, rattels etc.
Crimps, rattels etc.
Spinner ass.
Spinner ass.
Flyers /Twisters
Flyers /Twisters
1 x Zipper bags with hole, 100 x 100 mm, 1000 pc. ( High quality)
95,00 DKK
Pakken vejer:
0.8 Kg
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01.Line stoppers, black, 3 mm.
02.Line for heavy rigs. 0,9 mm / 50 meter / 41 kg.
03.Luminous Tube, 3 mm (5), app. 2 meters. - W46
04.Luminous Tube, 5 mm, app. 1 meters. (Red)
05.Solid rigs, (3,7 mm), 10 pc bag.
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